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Sera's College Adventures Ch I
Sera’s College Adventures
Chapter I
Sera peered up over her suitcase; a very eager face was worn for this occasion. Today was her first day of college at the University of College. Yes, an odd name, but it deserved the title, for it was the college of colleges, the place that everyone everywhere wanted to go. It was the place that Sera had dreamed of going since she was but a child. Yes, it was a very prestigious school, but the school itself is not the focus of this story, the story is the focus of young Sera, and her adventures going through this school
Now that we have established the setting, let us take a look at our main protagonist. Sera is a very short girl, barely reaching 4’5, which often caused her some annoyance. Mainly due to the fact that most people mistook her for a child and that was a problem that she had encountered all throughout her life. People were always assuming that she was much younger than she actually was; it was so bad that she started to get i
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DBZ Legends by ganondorf15 DBZ Legends :iconganondorf15:ganondorf15 0 3
Welcome to High School, Welcome to Hell.
Welcome to high school, welcome to Hell
We're gonna have fun this year, can't you tell?
First period is Biology
Slice and dice, time for a dissection
Ah hell, let's make it a vivisection
And go on a killing spree
Welcome to high school, welcome to Hell
You're gonna go mad this year, can't you tell?
Second period Jazz Band
We'll play our horns and beat the drums
And blood will come from your eardrums
And we'll fill you with sand
Welcome to high school, welcome to Hell
You're gonna go deaf this year, can't you tell?
Third period computer's
There's a problem with the wires
Now go get the pliers
And get a shock from the techno butcher
Welcome to high school, welcome to Hell
You're gonna fry this year, can't you tell?
Time for lunch
The meat's got a crunch
The bread was baked in 1802
It'll make you spew
Welcome to high school, welcome to Hell
The food will kill you, can't you tell?
Fourth period is Algebra
Solving equations, beating out the brain
They tell you it's math, but it's a pain
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Claymore RP button by ganondorf15 Claymore RP button :iconganondorf15:ganondorf15 2 0 Deviation Censored by ganondorf15 Deviation Censored :iconganondorf15:ganondorf15 4 0
MaMP Kingdom Hearts Ch five
The Goron Village
As the group walked into the village, noticed that they have what appears to be a space port in the dead center of the village. As they approach it Black-Hole starts asking around for a blacksmith. Once they gained directions they headed towards the blacksmith's place of business.
Once inside the building, Black-Hole asks if he could forge him a new shield.
"Yes Brother, however the materials I need are inside the old hangar, but no one is able to get inside because of the Heartless. The hanger used to be activated and all sorts of ships would come from different worlds, it is how we gained our knowledge, brother. Then one day after some one came with a sword that looked like a key came, the power had turned off, now the Heartless have inhabited the hangar with the old cargo ships if you can clear the hangar of Heartless I'll be able do make you more than a shield, brother."
"Well let's go."
"I must warn you though; the guards might not let you pass because you are no
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MaMP Kingdom Hearts Ch four
MaMp Ch 4
Exploring Clock town.
      As the three friends traveled around Clock Town they heard a loud gruff voice yelling "Cowards! Every last one of you, running of at the sight of some Heartless!" The friends wondered what the voice was talking about and they decided, against           Black-Hole's wishes, to investigate.
      They followed the sound of the voice's yelling and it lead out of town. The guard at the gate allowed them to pass due to the fact that he was scared stiff at the sight of Black-Hole and his battle-ax.
      The group left the town only to enter an odd construction site, filled with unfinished homes and businesses, as well as an unfinished poorly made wall. At the center of the site was a large bald man with a blue shirt. They could see that he was clearly the boss of the workers who were cowering in front of the ma
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Demon Squirrel by ganondorf15 Demon Squirrel :iconganondorf15:ganondorf15 4 2 Shade The Fan-Made Lombax by ganondorf15 Shade The Fan-Made Lombax :iconganondorf15:ganondorf15 4 0
MaMP Kingdom Hearts Ch three
Me and My Pals Ch three
Clock Town?!
In South Clock Town. . .
As Black-Hole awakned some kids wearing bndanas were looking at him.
"Hey are you alright?" asked a kid in a red bandana, "My name's Jim. Whats yours?"
"Ugh, Black-Hole, ow my head."
"Did the Heartless destroy your world?" asked a kid in a blue bandana.
"What are Heartless?" Black-Hole asked.
"Heartless are dark beings that devour the hearts of creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes, the lowest ones look like black rabbits." Jim answered.
"Then yes, the Heartless destroyed my home world. I was with two of my friends when it was destroyed by some big black thing. Do you think that they are still alive?" Black-Hole asked egearly.
"Possibly, usually more than four people survive a Heartless attack." replied another kid in a blue bandana.
Meanwhile in North Clock Town. . .
"Are you okay miss?"
Super-Nova opened her eyes and saw a boy with long purple hair wearing a mask shaped like a fox.
"No I am not okay!" she screamed,
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MaMP Kingdom Hearts Ch two
Me And My Pals Kingdom Hearts
Chapter 2 School Is Dead.
As the world fades away, the school building was being decimated by the Darkside.
"Yeah! The school is dead!" Screamed Black-Hole as he was running for his life from the wrath of Super-Nova.
"You idiot! Why did you run away from those things we couldve taken them on!"
"Becouse he was looking out for us", replied White-Dwarf protectivley "and besides he couldn't help himself he's afraid of them."
"What she said, can we get out of here? I think something big is looking for something." Black-Hole said as he ran holding the battle ax he got from his locker.
"Question. Why are you holding that thing and not using it against those shadow bunny things?" White-Dwarf asked while knocking the Shadows back.
"Becouse I'm to scared to move right now." Replied Black-Hole.
"You better move or im going to kick your ass!" White-Dwarf yelled.
"Fine!" Black-Hole replied taking swings at the Shadows all while yelling "Sorry bunnies!" as he was attack
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Wailing Wailord by Cookies-Cat
Mature content
Wailing Wailord :iconcookies-cat:Cookies-Cat 413 17
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They Didn't Escape The Weight Of Darkness (Trade) :iconthestitchyheart:TheStitchyHeart 44 10
I dunno by ishibu I dunno :iconishibu:ishibu 503 29 Belly by Yer-Keij-fer-Cash Belly :iconyer-keij-fer-cash:Yer-Keij-fer-Cash 356 10 Pudgy Bug Sequence by binge-chan Pudgy Bug Sequence :iconbinge-chan:binge-chan 1,048 22 So... How about That Drink? by carlsaganman So... How about That Drink? :iconcarlsaganman:carlsaganman 111 15


So, I had fun during my very long absence from writing, or doing anything. A couple of years, actually. I think that my writing has gotten a hell of a lot better since then. I mean, I look at what I've written, and it's crap. I'll be the first one to admit that it is. The only good thing that I wrote was that song. And you know what? High school is still hell. No matter where you go, it's someone's hell. Me and my friends have literally said that if we died, went to hell, and wound up back in high school that none of us would be surprised.

Really misleading title, right? But, yeah. MaMP is getting canceled. I'm sure that all of you out there that read it will be disappointed. Oh, wait. I have four watchers. So, if any of my watchers would be kind enough to comment on this, I would like to know how many of you still exist on here. Or, how many of you read the journals of other Deviants.


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